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Loden consists of 100 % pure new wool. Its various distinctive, positive qualities are due to the complex way in which it is processed. 

With the so-called “Walken“ technique (felting), the loden wool does not only become more resistant and warming, but also extremely water-repellent.
The special fabric structure of loden ensures regular and controlled heat compensation; a micro climate zone is created around the body. Loden wool is resistant to cold and retains body heat, thus guaranteeing extraordinary wearing comfort.
Pure new wool has a high degree of breathability, i.e. it absorbs the vapour generated by the body and emits it to the fabric surface. This characteristic of loden is particularly important for sporty outerwear.As loden is processed without chemical additives, another important quality is preserved: Loden wool is windproof up to wind force 10. Due to the structure of the fabric and the wool lanolin, pure new wool is absolutely dirt resistant. This means that dust and dirt can be brushed off easily when dry. In order to bring the jacket back into shape, we recommend you to just hang it up in the warm and damp air of the bathroom when taking a shower.

We use high-quality loden from Lodensteiner in Austria, a family business that has been manufacturing high-quality wool into internationally renowned, felted wool fabrics since 1888.

- Not machine washable
- Dry clean only
- Iron at low temperature
- Do not bleach
- Do not tumble dry


The shell fabric of WESTEND consists of 100% polyester. The synthetic fibre stops most of the body heat from escaping to the surface, so that the jacket is very warming.

Another positive characteristic of polyester is the fact that the fabric hardly creases. The material dries much faster than cotton. It is not necessary to iron the fabric, so the jacket is ideal for all those, who do not feel like spending a great deal of time ironing.

The smooth structure of the shell fabric keeps dirt and grease from sticking to the surface. Please wash the jacket on the delicate washing cycle of your machine at 30°C . Tip: In order to remove minor stains, simply wipe the surface with water and a mild detergent at regular intervals. 

- Machine washable at 30° delicate cycle
- Iron at low temperature
- Do not bleach
- Do not tumble dry