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The predominant design feature of the INTELLIGENT URBAN CLOTHING-collection is the shell fabric. The pure and matt elegance of loden wool is combined with technical components such as water-repellent leather-look zippers and integrated matt-metallic pullers. Instead of conventional synthetic material we use rubberised buttons in horn optic. The collection is unique due to its surface feel and high-quality design.

The shoulder design, though virtually invisible, is one of the key elements in all our jackets: a 4-way stretch material is sewn into the shoulder area and under the arms. The material is very breathable and thus ensures ideal climatic conditions inside the jacket. In combination with the close-fitting cuffs, the shoulder design significantly helps to keep the sleeves from sliding up when cycling, so that the wearer may enjoy the best possible freedom of movement. All models are equipped with additional sophisticated features: smart phone pockets in the chest area with integrated earphone storage option and a leather locking latch that keeps the open jacket from flapping around when riding a bike or scooter.

The carefully selected materials are produced in our Italian manufacturing facility in close cooperation with a team of highly motivated experts. They have followed the manufacturing process from the outset of the first sampling and are therefore able to instantly respond to the wishes and needs of the team. This ensures products which meet the highest quality standards and which are manufactured under fair and verifiable conditions.

The quality of our materials is of utmost importance as regards the look, functionality and surface feel of our products. We have set the same high standard with respect to professional manufacturing. These aspects signify everyday reality for our product. The fact that our manufacturing facility is located in Italy enables us to have a close and trusting cooperation with motivated professionals. They know and have supported our jacket styles from the outset of the first sampling, have taken an active part in the production process and have thus established a close relationship to our garments.