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Life in the city is changing rapidly: Whereas 30 years ago work and private life were kept strictly separated, today we are dealing with work-life-blending and new mobility. Men are constantly on the move, at work, in leisure time, regardless of traffic and weather conditions. And what is more: How we look is of utmost importance.

We, the team of O1O6, associate ourselves with these people. We demand high standards from our wardrobe that go beyond pure functionality. We lay emphasis on tangible quality and visible elegance, on having unique crafted garments in our wardrobe, which perfectly match our personality.

And we are not the only ones with these demands - the need for such specific garments is also confirmed by our friends. We had the idea of INTELLIGENT URBAN CLOTHING, because the market offered nothing that met our high demands. The question was: What kind of jacket would be suitable for us to wear when walking or cycling through the city? Which function should it have? How should it be designed to keep us comfortably dry and help us arrive in style wherever we want to leave a favourable impression? We have listened to what people said, we have evaluated our data and done a lot of thinking. We have tried to get to the bottom of things by thoroughly testing our materials and we were not satisfied until the jackets fully met our expectations. 


We believe that special and high-quality textiles are not produced of easily reproducible materials on impersonal factory assembly lines. We are convinced that we need only the best materials and accessories to create the best product.

We also believe that the production of high-quality garments can only be achieved after years of thorough training and must be carried out by people experienced in dealing with high-quality materials – people we can actually communicate with. For this reason it is only natural for us to manufacture in Europe.

INTELLIGENT URBAN CLOTHING combines natural fabrics and technical components. It offers fashion designed for self-confident individualists who choose their style – and for styles that choose their wearers.

In more than three years of work each of our five O1O6 team members, Christina, Jennifer, Charles, Christian and Hassan, have contributed in their very own way to realising the project of INTELLIGENT URBAN CLOTHING. We are proud and glad to be able to offer you these very personal products.

Good ideas are nominated – and rewarded. Our idea is not only well received by our customers but also by trade professionals: INTELLIGENT URBAN CLOTHING has already been awarded the ISPO BRANDNEW AWARD as “Overall Winner“ 2015/16 and also the German Design Award 2015!